The Archaic Epidemic - Den of Wolves (single)

I know Ian and Lukas from their short time in Betrayer. Ive become decent friends with those guys over the years. So I was bummed when I hear that Betrayer split. But Ian told me of his new project with Lukas and Andrew (Vocalist- The New Reign). Instantly I was interested, I enjoy what Betrayer did and what The New Reign was doing.

Its definitely kind of hard to review a single, I won't lie to you. From what I've been told, this is the more "Tame" track they have to release. So even for something considered tame, Den of Wolves still has a good amount of heavy within its 5 minute length. Ian's Vocals are a bit clearer but mostly you can hear the pronunciation in each sentence. to me, that's key for a vocalists skill improvement. The bass is slapped harder than a class clown in Sunday school. it doesn't stand out like it did in Betrayer, it just tends to blend in and provide the low end that songs need. The groove of the guitarist is really what caught me. Theres nothing flashy like a 2 minute long solo or some insane tapping. It's simple, yet catchy.

One thing that kind of caught me by surprise was the fact Austin Archey of Lorna Shore wrote the drums to this track. its vastly different than his band Lorna Shore. But I'm also not surprise that he helped write this, the dude just loves music. He loves to play the drums. I wonder if we can get him to write something for us?..

In all seriousness, I think Den of Wolves is a pretty solid start for a rebirth of some musicians. These guys pour their heart and soul in to their work, so I can't wait to see what the rest of the music sound like.

P.S. Lukas has a nice butt

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