The Breathing Process - Samsara

Band : The Breathing Process

Album/EP : Samsara

Genre: Symphonic Death Metal

Label : Independent

Location : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

FFO : Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Emperor

For being a self recorded record, the production on this is fantastic. You can really hear every aspect of the band. There is not one single aspect of the mix that I can find bad. To me the shining element, is how they mix the orchestral pieces behind Cody Harmon’s MONSTEROUS vocals. The range behind that dude is insane. I’m not just saying that as a friend, I’m also a fan.

The song structures are great as well. The first two tracks and the final two track blend together so well. I personally love records that blend together, like one long seamless journey. As for a narrative/theme, lets start with the title, Samsara. Samsara refers to the cycle of death, followed by rebirth. For being their album after an 8 year hiatus, the title is super fitting. The lyrical content does reflect some of that. It’s basically a journey of someone who gives up their inner most inhibitions, to become a god to avoid any more further suffering. But during that process, they find out they are doomed to suffer just like the rest of us.

Is there replay value? You bet your sweet tart ass there is. The Breathing Process have crafted a beautiful record. Anyone would be crazy to not listen to it more than once. Compared to their last album ‘ Oddesy (Un)Dead’, they have really stepped up their musicianship. I feel all the members got much better. My favorite part of the record, is definitely the layered orchestral bits. They blend in so well behind the rest of the band, it really does add to the music.

Overall, it’s a super solid record. 8 years was definitely worth the wait, for anyone who has been a fan of the band. It’s super heavy, super melodic, and definitely a top 10 contender for the year. If you’re a fan of symphonic music, super deep gutter all, or just plain heavy music. This record is most definitely for you.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Supervoid, The Nothing

Be sure to pick up their record here:




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