The Green Leaves - BLEAK

Band : The Green Leaves

Album/EP : BLEAK

Genre: Slamming Deathcore/Ambient Metal

Label : N/A

Location : Fort Wayne, Indiana

FFO : Aegaeon, Ingested, Disfiguring The Goddess

Going into this record, I have never heard of ‘The Green Leaves’. Don’t let the calm nature of the bands name fool you. The music is anything but calm. It’s brutal, its beautiful, and its super depressing. The first track starts off with a beautiful piano intro. Then the instruments and vocals just kick you in the balls about 2 minutes in. The production quality seems a little raw, but I feel that adds to the overall tone the record sets. I think it fits perfectly. One thing I did notice is how the music is very ambient, but the vocals are insanely low. This guy has some potential to be a killer vocalist. The mix, to me, goes along with the production. It’s raw, not 100% studio perfect. But it adds to the tone the record sets for the user.

The song structures aren’t the easiest to follow. I personally cant tell if there is a chorus or verse. It’s very chaos like. But its also pretty well done. Not every song needs to fit the same mold. Even though to some people, the songs might be hard to follow, they do flow very well. It’s not as erratic as ‘The Red Chord’ era bands. The. Vibe I get off ‘BLEAK’ is nothing but depression. According to vocalist Michael O’Hara “its mostly negative things. Things like depression, feeling hopeless/worthless, and hatred”. So they did a very good job portraying those feelings.

I think one of my favorite parts, is honestly the instrumentals. They aren’t too over done. They are just sprinkled in the background to add the subtle sadness tones. My least favorite might be how some of the songs don’t have much structure. Well to me, it appears that some aren’t structured. I could just be missing it, who knows.

Compared to their previous debut EP ‘Deforestation’ not much has changed. I feel like they already have their sound dialed in. I can tell the production is a little better on ‘BLEAK’. I feel like Michael’s vocals managed to get a tad bit lower too. Which to me is always good.

Over all, I can get behind this band. Depression and other angry things always makes for some good music. They have some potential to become a touring band that can fit at all the slam metal festivals. I enjoyed this release. I hope they stick around, I’d love to see them one day.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: The Masochist, Hell

Links will be posted here once album is released. Look out for it on iTunes/Spotify July 27th!

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