The Odious - Vesica Piscis

Band: The Odious

Album/EP: Vesica Piscis

Genre: Progressive death metal, technical death metal,

Label: Self Released

Location: Portland, Oregon

FFO: Meshuggah, Between the Buried and Me, Primus

Hailing from Portland, Oregon is prog death metal band The Odious. The album opens up with Type O Negative-esque introduction of doomy, prog ambience with “Scape.” Vesica Piscis is more technical than just straight across the board progressive death metal. You can hear their unique style really come out on tracks like “Arbiter of Taste” and “Misuse and Misalignment.” I definitely hear some Primus influence on “Repugnant.”

Vesica Piscis comes in with 10 tracks. It’s not a very long album in comparison to other similar things coming out. It is pretty balanced with clean vocals and screaming, melodic and grimey. If you are a prog fan that appreciates albums with emphasis on those things, I think you will enjoy that aspect. There are definitely some interesting riffs that will make you raise eyebrows. It does seem to be a pretty drum heavy album. On a few tracks, I think that the drums truly hold the stage.

Some progressive fans might be intimidated by this album. This is not your Tool/Rush/ whatever-band-Mike-Portnoy-is-in style. This is progressive metal with many different sub genres influences. It doesn’t stick to just death metal or progressive metal, but jumps between the…lines. I’m going to be honest, I listened to it a few times and just didn’t do much for me. I did enjoy the riffs and design of “Repugnant.” I think this might be my favorite track off this album as well as “Heavy Rhetoric.” Those two tracks definitely stuck out to me while listening. I liked that “Heavy Rhetoric” had that really prog feel.

Vesica Piscis is their second album and it seems to be a pretty good start for these guys in terms of developing a style and personality to move forward with. I think that these guys are going to shake up the sub genres and get a lot of attention for coloring outside the lines, but I think that might be what they do best.

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: “Repugnant”

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