The Plot In You - Swan Song

Band: The Plot In You

Album: Swan Song

Genre: Hard Rock

Label: Fearless

Location: Ohio, US

FFO: Dayseeker, Like Moths To Flames, Thousand Below

I’ve been locked in on this band since 2014, and have seen their growth and change over the years. Specifically the growth and change of frontman Landon Tewers who has been one of my favorite lyricists and vocalists in music. Not just for his unique voice, but his total willingness to be vulnerable about seemingly any part of his life. It leaves for very intense songs. In terms of the music, they’ve come from pretty metalcore style origins up until the previous album Dispose where they took a very pop-rock turn. Swan Song sees the band almost mixing the two styles into what I hear as one of the most unique sounds in the genre.

My first reaction to the first ‘Face Me’ single was; This is different. I don't mean just in sound, but production. The way this is composed and mixed especially with the vocals is really wild. I had no idea where some of this song was going for a second. I came out of a couple listens really liking it. I saw some say it comes across as weird at first, and to some, not good. But after a while, those “weird” moments become more flush in your hearing, and it just makes for a great song. And I think without these glitches, vocal effects, etc, it would be super generic. It would just be a couple verses and a couple choruses of the same things we've heard before. But these different sounds and edits bring so much more personality to an already hammered home structure. I don't want that to take away from Landon's talent though. I'm a big fan of him in general, including his solo work. So I know there is a lot of organic talent that goes into his music. And without that, I'm sure this would come across way differently. So it's those two things, Landon's raw talent combined with his vision for how he can enhance it with manipulations and production to an extent, that make that song, and others on the album truly unique and stand out. So whether you love it or hate it, I feel it's hard to deny the effort put in this to be different and at least try to bring something fresh to the genre of rock and metal.

The 2nd single 'Enemy' was also different but for other reasons. It was pretty stripped back most of the time and very bass forward. The bass sounded super good. Once things pick up and Landon starts to scream, I can honestly say I haven’t heard him scream like that in a while - so desperate. Not to mention this breakdown is one of the heaviest I've ever heard from them across the board.

Outside of the singles, Swan Song shows even more diversity, intensity, and emotion from track to track. It’s songs like the opener or another favorite ‘Whole Without Me’ that really give me classic Plot vibes. There’s something about Landon’s anger and intense harsh emotion in his dirty vocals that are like no one elses. It’s raw, and translates to the listener exactly what he’s feeling in this textured, grimy way. Then there’s the other side of things with songs like ‘Too Far Gone’ or ‘Too Heavy’ that shows the groovier, electronic, mellow vibe. Most of the album though is a melding of the two. Maybe broken up into sections that flow well together, or directly mixing the sounds. Either way, it’s performed and produced very nicely.

As usual with this band, the lyrics are a huge part for me. Landon’s writing is always a whole other layer worth thoroughly enjoying and paying attention to. With some lyrics about dead friends and drug abuse, it really takes me back to my favorite album from them, Happiness In Self-Destruction. Much like the music, there’s other sides of his writing too. Lyrics about love and heart break in one form or another. No matter the angle, always coming from a deep place and not a word wasted.

The last song ‘Freed’ finished the album the same way it started, giving me absolute chills. It was a really solid finisher that was almost open ended in some way.

After hearing this album, it seems like Dispose was just a jump in the water with a new sound. It came out good, but was perhaps too far in one direction. Swan Song however, brings an almost perfect balance between their harsher sound and poppier sound. Like they have truly found their niche that can reach many without blending into the crowd. I’ll say again; love it or hate it, I find it impossible to deny this band is doing something different. A deep breath of fresh air among all the copy paste metalcore and rock bands. (Nothing wrong with some straight forward music, but it is nice to hear something that stirs the pot too.)

Despite the solid, heavier beginning styles of TPIY, Swan Song has a ground breaking sound in my opinion and possesses a lot more talent and vision that can't be put into a box.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Letters To A Dead Friend, Fall Again, Paradigm, Enemy, Whole Without Me, Freed


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