Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target

Band : Thy Art is Murder

Album/EP : Human Target

Genre: Deathcore

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : Australia

FFO : Fit For An Autopsy, Whitechapel, Molotov Solution

The production on this record is spot on. Its one of the best sounding records they’ve put out in a while. Its arranged in a way where it definitely catches your attention. I feel like what sticks out the most, for me, is how they are also expanding and not just sticking to the typical deathcore sound. Granted there are still definitely deathcore breakdowns. But over all you can tell the album in showcasing the bands writing styles. The mix is pretty great too. Everything is audible and nothing gets washed out and lost.

All the tracks flow beautifully. They aren’t too fast or too slow compared to older material. They have a good combination of speed. The album seems to be one of their more political/realistic records. Touching on real world things such as the utter chaos the world is diving into. You can tell they took their time to make this  good record. Each track touches on something different, but over all, they serve one purpose, to help wake people up to reality.

Ive replayed this plenty of times. Its got plenty of things that make me want to keep listening to it. My favorite is definitely the slow breakdown in the title track. I heard it live last month and its definitely a violent mosh song. I don’t have anything that is my least favorite. I would love to see the band expand more. Like write an even bigger version of Holy War/Hate. Like a super pissed deathcore beat down, mixed with subtle orchestral arrangements. I feel like that could lead to good TAIM. Comparing this record to their last one (Death Perception), you can hear the change in sound. This record expands from the death metal sound that death perception had. Still similar tones and such, but the arrangements are a little more meticulous.

Overall, I enjoyed the album. I’m a fan of the band, and even though I don’t always put their music on, this record is definitely one I don’t skip. Its full of deathcore breakdowns mixed with death metal riffs. Human Target is definitely their most ambitious record to date.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Human Target



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