Toxic Holocaust - Primal Future: 2019

Band : Toxic Holocaust

Album/EP : Primal Future: 2019

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label : eOne Entertainment

Location : Portland, Oregon

FFO : Possessed, Motorhead, Exodus

The production on this is very much like old school thrash. Its full of fast head banging riffs layered with gravely screams. If this came out back in the 80’s, it might get washed over with all the other thrash bands. But the fast Joel is doing his best to keep thrash alive, is amazing. What stands out to me, is that is sounds like an old school thrash record. That’s what I grew up on. Metallica, Slayer, Exodus. Shit like that. The mix on this, like I said, reminds me of an old Exodus record. The guitars are super crunchy, and the drums sound like live recorded drums. There is a bit of fuzziness that resembles old school thrash. The fact someone can resurrect that now, is fantastic. 

The songs flow just like most, if not all, thrash songs. They are fast, catchy, and pretty much guaranteed to make the room erupt in a pit. I can just feel the energy of an old school pit. Stage dives, leather jackets, and nothing but controlled chaos. I wish I was alive during that era. The overall theme of the record has to do with a a technological take over of our dystopian future. Which makes sense when you look at the cover. I like that theme. A lot. Mostly we just hear about the world ending and humanity dying. So to her about technology taking over is a wee bit different.

Now, for the replay value. As I listen to this record more, I fall more and more in love with it. I also am asking myself, why have I not listened to Toxic Holocaust before? Toxic is a band I think even my dad would enjoy. He’s the one who got me into the heavy music. My favorite part is easily how the riffs never slow down. They are always fast paced and SUPER catchy. I find myself wanting to head bang as I type this, or circle pit around my cats. Which I’m sure they would not appreciate. I have no least favorite part. Joel knows what he’s been doing since Toxic’s eruption onto the scene back in 1999. 

Now there’s a couple things I can tell are different compared to the last album (Chemistry of Consciousness) back in 2013. Lets start with the most obvious, the vocals. I feel the last records vocals are more grind core sounding, along the lines of Napalm Death. Where as Primal Futures vocals are more reminiscent of Exodus or old school Megadeath. The records are both fast, which is what I expect. All the instruments on Primal Future were recorded by Joel himself. Which, to me, is a great idea. He started the band that way, why not go back to the roots. Which is exactly what he did. The guitars and drums are a wee bit quieter on Primal. Where as on Chemistry, I feel that album is more punk influenced. 

Overall, im glafd to see there is a band out there still making quality thrash metal. Thrash is where I got my start in heavy music (thanks dad!). So to find a band that reminds me of my childhood, its fantastic. Primal Future: 2019 is the epitome of Toxic Holocaust. The fast chunky riffs and primal drums are sure to engage the listener. If you don’t feel the need to pit to this record, you might have some issues. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this record, and thank me later.   

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Chemical Warlords

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