• Vince

Trilogy / 2020

Headliner - Silent Planet

Support - Currents, Invent,Animate, Greyhaven


The Subterranean in Chicago, IL. 2/29/20


  1. Sweet Machine

  2. Ten Dogs

  3. A Match Where Great Fire Should Be

  4. Day is Gone

  5. Blemish

  6. Echo & Dust Pt.1

Greyhaven is a band I discovered the last time Silent Planet brought them on tour and I instantly loved it. They had just released their debut album ‘Empty Black’ and were showcasing it all throughout their set. Being maybe only a year later, this time was no different, just welcoming a new single. No matter who Greyhaven is playing with, they stand out amongst the rest with their style and young passion on stage. They have a chaotic sound that fits the setting very well - a smaller place, sold out with a bunch of kids ready to get sweaty. They have the attitude and influence of a classic hard rock sound, just with a twist. It would honestly be a disservice to give them a specific genre label. When performing, their passion and movements imitate the music they are playing. They fill up the stage not only with their sound but their presence. They’ve had a very busy past year or two, so it was great to see them have the same exact energy, if not more, this second time around. Greyhaven is a band without any of the bells and whistles of a theatrical backing track. The only thing you’re hearing is the organic pounding of the drums and crazy riffage. This makes the live mix much more simple but also proves two things when seeing them perform: For one, the sound is easily replicated to be just like the recording. And secondly, the power behind the artists you are witnessing. Put more simply: “What you see is what you get.” The only defined difference from the last time I saw them was the crowd. This time there was a lot more movement. A lot more voices shouting and hands clapping at the end of each song and their set. It’s rewarding simply as a fan to see an artist you love grow, so I can’t imagine how it feels for them to see how far they have come in this short amount of time. 


  1. Dark

  2. Halcyon

  3. Naturehold

  4. Celestial Floods

  5. Cloud Cascade

  6. Luna

The last time I saw and discovered Invent,Animate was a few years back when they were supporting some other bands on another tour. This was when they had their original vocalist. I remember enjoying them live, actually a little more so than when I went home to listen to their two albums. Regardless though, it grew on me and I’ve been a rather passive fan since. I never went to another show and didn’t pay too much attention to them. They were always a band I just jammed to if they came on shuffle. With that being said, I went to this concert actually kind of excited to see them because I had been paying attention to their recent singles. Not to mention they have a brand new vocalist that I prefer over the other guy (no offence to the die-hard fans). When Invent hit the stage, you could instantly tell who was there for them. I think, much like Silent Planet, they attract a very dedicated audience. Their fans aren’t only fans, they care much more. Immediately the crowd broke out into a frenzy with their opening song, and the energy didn’t die down until they got off stage. Having not experienced them for a long time, I can only say they sounded great, also just like the singles. The vocalist felt strong, and the rest of the band was really into it - you never like to see a bored performer. 


  1. Forever Marked

  2. Second Skin

  3. The Place I Feel Safest

  4. Shattered

  5. Into Despair

  6. The Rope

  7. Poverty of Self

  8. Withered

  9. Apnea

Much like Invent, I never paid too much attention to Currents. I have listened to their music and found it just fine, but didn’t get too into it. I don’t think I have seen them before, but with the amount of concerts I’ve gone to, I wouldn’t doubt I have at some point. They sure did make a good introduction to me though. Currents without a doubt had the heaviest sound that night. Not the biggest, but the heaviest. Oftentimes with heavier bands, the low end can become overbearing or things could get mixed in together. But I can confidently say everything sounded great and for the most part matched what they sound like on record. If anything, the only difference is they have much more of a presence and heaviness when live. The vocalists power kept up with the power of the music too. The thing that stood out to me outside of the music was the bassist. He was running around stage and making himself very known. Probably because he knows no one likes the bass player (musician jokes, get it?). As for the rest of the band, they just tried to stay out of his way, but not in an annoyed way, they were certainly having a good time as well. Not as much as the fans though, that’s for sure. Every song had the crowd going nuts. The entire room seemed to be moving with the moshpit. I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s always an entertaining thing to see and be a part of when every single person in the room is involved in gettin’ down to a band.