Twitch of the death nerve - A Resting Place For The Wrathful

Band: Twitch of The Death Nerve

Album: A Resting Place For The Wrathful

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label: Comatose Music

Location: UK

FFO: Defeated Sanity, Decrepit Birth, Deeds of Flesh

Twitch of The Death Nerve gave me a few things to think about in the first few seconds of ‘A Resting Place For The Wrathful’. Most of those thoughts came true and will be explained later, but to start with sound in general, it’s not bad. Quality is just fine, but the mix...oh man the mix. There’s a joke I’ve heard a couple times in the death metal community that goes a little something like “It’s only good music if you can’t tell the double bass from the vocals.” I always get a kick out of that, because I take it as a joke. ‘Twitch’ doesn’t seem like the type of guys to find that funny. Tom isn’t the only guy to ever gargle on a mic, so it’s not all his fault. I also chalk it up to the mixing/production as well. Side note though while I’m on the subject: Thinned out gargling isn’t brutal. Emphasis, heaviness, substance in general, is brutal.

Now even though I’m not a fan of this vocal style, I can still take that bias out and be 100% honest when I say there’s legitimately times you can not tell what the hell is happening. Be as chaotic as you want, but at least make it sound good. This band is all over the place with what seems like no direction, destroying any structure attempted to be formed. Throwing the “Brutal” tag onto “Death Metal” should not result in an outcome like this. I really wish I could compliment any of the instrumentals as I normally do but it seems like they just play as fast as they can at times for the sake of it. The only “twists” they throw in are a bunch of pinch harmonics. Nothing new or creative to be found in the writing.

Being I have no lyrics sheet in front of me for this one, it is impossible for me to give a clear idea of what sort of context is happening. But based on the little spoken parts, I can confidently say the theme going on in this LP is not one that resembles sunshine and rainbows. “I’m full of rage. I hate all men. I hate all life.”, “I look at people and see nothing worth liking”, or “...a green and significant planet is now dead.” Cool, I can appreciate bluntness, but...c’mon. I feel like a broken record when I have to say this: Be more creative. Death Metal obviously has a repetitive theme that won’t end, that’s fine. But at least be close to saying it in a different way if you’re going to go down the typical route. Create a concept, build a story, talk about frickin’ aliens for all I care. But when I hear the sad sap “I hate humans” theme about how everyone and everything is worthless, I’m instantly turned off. Been there, done that, over and over and over. Sadly that is no different from their last work either. In fact, mostly everything about this record is the same. The instrumentals are a little more uniform and followable on ‘A New Code of Morality’, but the vocals, mix, themes, are all still weak. Sound quality is at least a bit better. Overall, I personally wouldn’t even enjoy this as mindless background noise, let alone sit down with it again.

If you couldn’t tell, a lot of my opinion (especially in death metal) is based on creativity and uniqueness. Of course talent matters, but in a genre so saturated with repetitive lyrical themes and riffs, you HAVE to stand out somehow for me to really care. This band nor this album does that. And everything that it does do, for the most part, isn’t that great either. As I said, the mix is poor, the instrumentals are too out of control and scrambled most of the time, and the vocals need polishing. The only things it has going for it is decent sound quality, and hints of a solid riff here and there when they aren’t seemingly otherwise careless. I think a 4 is a little generous in my eyes, but I know there’s people who would soak this up for what it is.

Rating: 4/10

Strongest Song: The Locard Principle


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