Unburnt - Arcane Evolution

Band : Unburnt

Album/EP : Arcane Evolution

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Label : N/A

Location : Canada

FFO : Goatwhore, Dimmu Borgir, Vader

As we start this EP off, I knew nothing about this band. Never heard of them or any of the other bands the members have been in. I simply was interested off the album cover. The production is pretty solid. Its a mix of a few different genres such as Black Metal and Death Metal. Its got the raw grittyness of old school black metal. But the sheer brutality of modern death metal. The vocals remind me of Shagrath from Dimmu, just with a slightly deeper voice. It took me a couple plays to fully get used to the record. But its definitely a super solid effort. What I think stands out the most is they sound like they have been a band for 20+ years. You can tell these guys know what they are doing. The mix is pretty solid as well. As I mentioned, its very much like old school black metal, or even like old school Goatwhore. Its gritty, but you can still hear just about everything.

Now one thing I like, is how all these tracks flow. If you know black metal much, the tracks are fast and relentless. Arcane Evolution is nothing short of that. They keep the speed of black metal for the most part. Then they add in some super brutal cave man riffs to make you bang your head. Im not to terribly sure on the subject matter of the EP. But It sounds like a mythical version of the death of mankind. doubtful, but still hopeful!

There is definitely replay value, for sure. Each track harnesses different aspects of different genres. So there im positive anyone can find something they enjoy. Like right now, as I type this, halfway through the song “Arcane Evolution” he breaks into a guttural over some chugging caveman shit. That’s that shit I like. Not to long after that, they go into something resembling Cattle Decaption. When Travis Ryan does his weird melodic high pitch stuff. So literally the cover multiple genres, which is going to be a nice breath of fresh air. My least favorite thing is kind of the mix. I wish it was a little more cleaner sounding. Now do I hate this ep? No, not at all! It still works very well. I just wonder what kind of brutality they could unleash if everything was just a hair cleaner. My favorite part is that guttural shit I mentioned. It just shows their vast array of influences.

Overall, Arcane Evolution is definitely a banger. Its got a vast array of influences from Dimmu Borgir to Whitechapel. Its a super solid mix of Black Metal and Death Metal, and it has something for just about everyone. If you enjoy some old school Dimmu Borgir and love Goatwhore, then Arcane Evolution by Unburnt will fit right in your library. I definitely look forward to this bands future!

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Arcance Evolution



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