Une Misère - Sermon

Band : Une Misère 

Album/EP : Sermon

Genre: Metal

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : Reykjavík, Iceland

FFO : Harms Way, Fit For An Autopsy, Terror

The production on this is fantastic. It is a very well written record. It feels as if each riff or each pattern is placed in its spot for a reason. What I think sticks out the most about this band, is they have already opened for bands such as Slayer. For a band to open for legends and then get signed to a huge label, they have to be doing something right. The mix is also great. The only thing I wish was different is the cymbal mix. Sometimes they are a little quiet. But overall, I feel as if each instrument or vocal arrangement is mixed near perfectly.

As for the flow of the record, it all flows VERY well. There are fast tracks that are sure to pummel your ears. But they also have some hardcore breakdowns. To be able to blend multiple genres is amazing. The songs seem to have some sort of structure. There isn’t really anything unorganized. To me personally, I think that’s great. As much as I love crazy music, I much prefer something that is structured. It makes it easier for me to listen to. 

I’m not entirely sure what a theme of the record could be. There might not even be a theme. You just feel like there is one. It’s almost as if the record deals with psychological distress, depression, and hatred. The music gives of an eerie, uncomfortable vibe. I feel to have a theme like that is perfect.

Now, on to the replay value. As I stated before, I have never heard of this band, so I had no idea what to expect. But I will definitely be paying more attention this band. It’s got the groove that I have fallen in love with, while still remaining SUPER heavy. This record definitely deserves to be played on repeat. I’m not totally sure on the lyrics. Mostly because they are screaming lol. But I do hear words like “misery” throughout the record. The lyrics definitely do sound angry, which is obvious. I don’t think there is much death metal that is “happy”. 

This is their debut record, so I can’t compare it to anything. But what I will say is that it gives a very promising glimpse into their future. My favorite part is definitely the blend of genres. It’s got the tone of hardcore such as Harm’s Way. They have the groove of bands like Fit For An Autopsy. They also have the intensity of bands like Terror. They sprinkle in a little death metal, and you have a band that could start a new movement. 

Overall, I’m impressed. Nuclear Blast puts out only the best, and these guys definitely deserve a spot in their roster. Une Misère debut album “Sermon” is a pummeling record that is sure to invoke your deepest emotions. It’s a spiral into the dark abyss, but it’s a fuckin’ good ride. 

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Sermon



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