Upstate Records Volume II

Band: Upstate Records

Album/EP: Volume II

Genre: Hardcore

Label: Upstate Records

Location: New York

FFO: Literally any hardcore band

The production the tracks varies. Some of them are super clean and clear. But then a couple are a little grittier than others. The mix for pretty much every track is good though. On pretty much every song, nothing outshines anything. Its all pretty equal on that aspect. I believe a shining element on this compilation, is how each track it’s a slightly difference brand of hardcore. They all have some heavy mosh breakdowns. But they also all have a different tone.

The song structures are all kind of different. Some of the tracks have a chorus/verse arrangement, and some don’t. there isn’t a constant narrative since it’s a compilation. Each track seems to flow pretty decently.

As for replay value, there is a ton if you’re a fan of modern hardcore. It’s a pretty typical hardcore compilation. But all of these bands do hit pretty hard. I feel like the lyrical content is pretty typical with hardcore. Ranging anywhere from being super pissed off, to something positive. My favorite part of the compilation was the ferocity each track brought.

Overall, its not a bad collection of songs. Im not a fan of hardcore, but what Mario and Kim are doing at Upstate records is a great thing. They have put together a good compilation for a modern hardcore fan. If you’re a fan of literally any hardcore band, you will find something on here to enjoy.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: to many to pick

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