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Vader - Solitude In Madness

Band: Vader

Album: Solitude In Madness

Genre: Death Metal 

Label: Nuclear Blast

Location: Poland

FFO: Deicide, Decapitated, Obituary

Vader hasn’t ever really been one to make lengthy albums. Usually getting things done in roughly 30-35 minutes. With that being said, things kick off very fast. As usual with these bands who have some history, we start to hear better and better production as the years go on. 2017s ‘Dark Age’ was a big step for them in that field. Solitude In Madness only takes that further. Full sounding and well mixed drums. Great sounding guitar and bass. And the vocals are top notch. 

As I mentioned, Vader tends to start and end in a short amount of time, at least compared to other artists in the genre making 55+ minute albums. I’m impartial either way as long as it’s good. This album specifically though doesn’t only have that shorter overall time but the songs themselves are pretty short. Five songs being under 3 minutes and two being under 2 minutes. These aren’t interludes either, just really short songs. Regardless though, that doesn’t stop these tracks from being hard hitters and adding up to be another one of Vader’s great albums. Each song comes at you fast and aggressive, the one-two combo, then moves on to the next.  In these shorter songs, they pack in as much as they can though, that’s for sure. Crazy solos run rampant in between hurdling double bass and attacking riffs. Hardly wanting to slow down so Peter can get a word in. Oh, but he does. Shouting and piercing through the instrumental hurricane the empowering yet dark lyrics you expect from him. Self-Righteous themes of eternal life, religion, humanity, hell, ex. Songs such as one of my favorites, ‘And Satan Wept’ are a bit longer to accommodate for everything they are packing into it like the two solos. The whole LP simply embodies what people love about Vader, just more of it packed into a new set of songs.

There is an indefinite replay value that one can pull from Solitude In Madness, especially when this hovers around the 30 minute mark. After a few listens, I only get more energy and enjoyment out of it with each listen. I’m always an instrumental first guy so I certainly favor the guitar work going on here. But credit goes to everything going on as a whole. Vader hasn’t done anything here I could complain about. Although one of the shorter releases with some of the shortest songs, the quality and energy of the music is some of the best they have created. It’s also good to note how far solid production can take a record. If you’re like me, you love the classics but really wish they had the quality today's albums do. So having the quality of sound and mix this album has coming from a band like Vader adds to the energy and heaviness they want the listener to get out of everything they make. Needless to say it feels good hearing a top notch production album from one of the leaders in the genre.

Over the decades, after the many LPs, EPs, lineup changes, Vader yet again impresses and brings their audience a true hard hitting Death Metal record. Vader is one of the most consistent bands in the genre throughout the years. Not many bands that come from the 80s can continue to make really good music. Solitude In Madness is another one for the books that any fan new or old will love and be head banging to for years to come. 

Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: And Satan Wept 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2s5DSt9VBNzAn2TbtDHzFZ?si=cCo14j4-TIeOhbH4mPmY7w

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/vader/3563163

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