Vader - Thy Messenger

Band- Vader

EP- Thy Messenger

Genre- Death Metal

Label- Nuclear Blast

Location- Olsztyn, Poland

FFO- Behemoth, Suffocation, Kataklysm

From the start, this EP has a great overall sound. Nothing stands out to much and drowns out the rest. Drums are heavy as balls. A non-stop assault of blast beats and heavy double bass. My wrist was cramping up just listening to this EP. They also had this very raw overall sound. Wasn’t over produced at all. Guitars have this very sinister dark sound to them. At times being your traditional death metal guitars. with a small hint of thrash But also embracing a black metal sound. The riffs come at you like a machine gun. Very fast and heavy. Solos are on Ark of the Covenant levels with the amount of face melting going on. Founding member Piotr ‘Peter” Wiwczarek puts on a performance for the ages on “Thy Messenger”. His guitar skills are apparent but it’s his vocals that really set the stage for whats to come from Vader on this EP. Not your traditional death metal vocals. He does this sort of low growl shout. Kind of like a early Nergal with Behemoth. Very easy to understand actually. But also keeping that dark and sinister sound without missing a beat.

Now like I said earlier, this is old school death metal. Very thrashy and heavy. Kind of like a heavier Slayer. Yes a heavier Slayer is possible because that is Vader. It is a nonstop onslaught of pure heavy metal. Being only 5 songs, Vader really had to put together their very best. “Litany” is a solid 3 minutes of lyrical assault and heavy metal. But it’s a song like “Steeler” that takes the cake. What really stood out on this track was the riffs. They reminded me of Judas Pries to be honest. Switch out Piotr with Rob and you have a Judas Priest song.

Being my first time being exposed to Vader, I was far from disappointed. Not necessarily by cup of tea in the end but still very good. It’s consistency is very appealing. The riffs and blasts are unforgettable and catchy. This is what heavy metal is and how it should be remembered. With everything going on in heavy metal nowadays, Vader ignores it and keeps doing their thing. Old school death metal fans will love this EP. Hopefully holding them over till Vader’s next album.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Strongest Song- “Steeler”

“Thy Messenger” drops May 31st on Nuclear Blast.

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