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Vesta - Reborn

Band: Vesta 

Album: Reborn

Genre: Metal / Hard Rock

Label: Independent 

Location: Ukraine 

FFO: Blind Summit, Flyleaf, Evanescence 

Reborn opens up very atmospherically with a low hum, some chimes, and other aspects going on to really engulf you in this space they created. It sounds great. However, usually with these types of openers for newer bands, the production can fool you. Since the into is mostly computer generated or simple sounds and not an actual recording of guitars, drums ex, it’s going to sound good no matter what. This theory came true when the first full song, ‘Peremoga’, came on right away. The production was not as full, loud, or high quality. Not to say it is bad. Overall, the production is good enough with a mix that is just fine. One thing I can definitely say is the vocals are very forward and could be equalized a bit better, especially during those high hitting notes. Everything else is, if anything, a bit flat but gets the job done.

With 14 songs and nearly 50 minutes of music, Vesta has started their musical journey with a good sized portfolio to show off and allow people to really get a feel for their sound. Being a brand new band, I had no idea what I was getting into. So hearing them for the first time, I can confidently say they lean more towards a hard rock sound, or a very borderline metal sound. Not every song has a typical structured formula luckily, but there are a lot of the same elements you’ll hear from maybe a more angelic version of Breaking Benjamin or Shinedown. The typical bar chugging within a verse, open power chords for a chorus, then a combination of the two for a bridge coupled with a couple “fancy” licks is pretty common to hear throughout the album and catches on decently quickly. They manage to mix things up sometimes with these softer songs such as ‘Whatever’ or ‘Vesna’ which will feature that atmospheric sound I enjoy like in the opener. Vesta will also bring on some heavier moments with some double bass and faster riffs. All these different types of moments and songs going on, placed in the order they are, makes for a much better listening experience as to not feel repetitive or like this is just one big commercial rock show. Unfortunately at the core though, that’s what it is to me. They without a doubt have their own thing going on but I also didn’t find anything special about it. The only characteristic that stands out and catches my attention are the very wide range of vocals. That’s partially due to how forward they are, but Liliya is also a very good vocalist with a unique voice. Now when it comes to the vocal content, I can’t say I have a concrete opinion considering some of the lyrics aren’t in english. For the lyrics that aren’t, I do want to point out I still love these parts of the album. I love to hear vocals, especially great singing vocals, in another language. As for the lyrical content I could understand, there seems to be very straight forward ideas and narratives going on. Sometimes a bit too straight forward like in the song ‘Friend’, but something I can forgive due to the voice that is producing these words. 

For someone who is much more into the hard rock sound than I am, you may get a good amount of replayability out of this. As for me, I can’t see myself coming back to it any time soon, but possibly down the road. If anything, I’ll want to hear those powerful vocals again from a select few songs. For future releases, I hope to hear an improvement in instrumental writing and an even bigger embrace on the sound they are going for, just with more boundary breaking. Oh, an up on the production. 

Although Vesta didn’t blow me away with ‘Reborn’, I do intend to revisit them as a band to see what they release in the future and see where they improve. For what it is, they have done a good job and have a good amount of potential to expand on what they have created here. 

Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: The One

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1CtAwtXYfNPLWkl7xQBV7Q?si=u-gNoKWLQpOM80KH8rW0BA

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