Viscera - Obsidian

Band: Viscera

Album: Obsidian

Genre: Progressive Deathcore

Label: Unique Leader

Location: UK

FFO: Cabal, Fit For An Autopsy, Gravemind

Viscera may be a young band, but has veterans of the industry and genre behind the name. If I didn’t know better, I would think this is the most put together sound a new deathcore band has ever had. But technically, none of these guys are new. They are well developed musicians with a new project that could be the best of theirs to date. What you’re going to get only second to talent with people who are already in the industry, is a great sound. Production is good. It could be a little less bass heavy due to some slight overtake of the vocals at times, but overall sounds clean. With Michael Leo Valeri behind the console, you know the mix is going to be heavy as could be.

This album is jam packed with diversity in style and creativity. The instrumentals are very exciting. There are clear distinctive lines drawn between songs with more deathcore influence or tech-death influence or just more progressive. Songs that are slower and melodic and songs like ‘Affliction’ that are hitting you with nonstop double bass and lightning fast chugs. Opening track ‘Delilah’ starts everything off by seamlessly transitioning from piano to a build up of guitars that leads to groundbreaking riffs. Next up is the single ‘Immersed In Ire’. This one has it all. A perfectly well rounded song that gives you everything you want and more. The breakdown in this track is unique as well with a somewhat guitar solo broken apart to follow along with the chugging. Vocalist Jamie Graham is diverse from the very beginning as well. Utilizing different levels and tones in his voice from spoken word to gutturals. Not to mention his singing is amazing and fits the music perfectly. It adds a whole other level to how diverse his voice and the music is. There are plenty of smaller elements as well outside of the organic talent that keeps the listener interested. Examples of this lie in songs such as ’Lamb to the Slaughter’ which has a fun melody in the background most noticeably towards the end, or how ‘Carpe Noctem’ has these brief harmonizing vocals that add another layer to the music and keep it unique and noteworthy. This combined with the random vocal patterns, gives each song individuality and depth. ’Lilith’ is a nice melodic interlude break from the chaos. But in only a couple minutes crushes into the title track and puts you right back into the battle. We then reach the final song. For a song called ‘Silentium’, it’s one of the loudest songs on here. Finishing off the album with a mind bending breakdown topped with a solo and fade out, leaving you thinking about everything you just heard. 

I loved Obsidian on the first listen but managed to enjoy it more and more each time. My favorite aspect of good music is being able to discover and enjoy more with each listen. The lyrics possess a theme of emotional struggle and battle to come out the other side as a stronger person. They aren’t the most creative at times but the confidence in which the words are delivered makes it so much better. For the most part though, nothing is too cliche. 

Obsidian is front to back a relentless album. It’s always refreshing to hear a new diverse deathcore record. It gives me hope for the genre. It helps that everyone in this band is a very talented musician. There’s nothing that stands out as bad or wrong about this album. The only thing keeping it from perfect is I would tweak the mix as mentioned, and there could be a little improvement in the lyrical writing. Other than that, Viscera has already put a mark in deathcore music. A large gash, rather. 

Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Immersed In Fire, Carpe Noctem


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