Visceral Disgorge - Slithering Evisceration

Band : Visceral Disgorge

Album/EP :Slithering Evisceration

Genre: Slamming Death Metal

Label : Agonia Records

Location : Baltimore, Maryland

FFO : Disentomb, Extermination Dismemberment, Kraanium

The production on this record is very reminiscent of their first record. It is arranged in about the same way. Each song has a damn good slam in it. Which is something I think that they can do, and ill never get bored. The mix is not too bad. Its got the traditional Slam/Brutal Death Metal sound. Low and crunchy riffs layers over gutturals and blast beats. The only thing that I noticed was the snare mix. It could be up just a notch. I feel that when Billy isn’t doing a blast beat, that the snare can get lost. Other than that, I can’t find anything wrong. One thing they do, that I think the scene needs to do again, is add movie quotes. To me, thats very old school and not a ton of BDM bands do that anymore.

The song structures are exactly what you think, they don’t exist. But Visceral Disgorge proves they don’t need to have structure in order to make a killer album. Most albums now a days have verse/chorus/short verse/chorus/solo/chorus 2x. VD literally just wrote what ver they wanted, and it worked. All the tracks are fast and super intense, besides the slams. I don’t think there is much of a theme. Besides the general hatred for most of humanity. But that is a give in. 

I can’t find lyrics, but I can only imagine what Vocalist Travis Werner wrote about. Murder, death, torture, and hatred. I mentioned it before, but my favorite parts of the record are definitely the movie quotes. Its got a very nostalgic feel to them. Plus they are super fun to yell back during the live shows. 

Now, here comes the hard part, what improved/what didn’t. You can tell all their playing has improved. The riffs and arrangements are definitely more mature. But, to me personally, its along the same lines as Ingesting Putridity. Now is that bad? No. Its their music, they can write an album how ever they want. I love these guys and will support them no matter what. But I hope to see something a little more massive in the future. Is that going to stop me from replaying this record? Fuck no. its still a slam record, and when I’m in the mood for Slam, VD is my usual go to. 

Now I’m sure ill get some backlash for this article. Like I said, quite a few people have called them “deathcore” now. But they are definitely far from that. When I first heard that they were putting out new music (thanks for the heads up Billy!) I got super excited. I met all these guys on the Farewell Frank Mullen tour. They are the nicest dudes. When I heard Ingesting Putridity, I was blown away. Slithering Evisceration is just as good as the previous record. It definitely helps me in the gym, and brings out the best/worst in me.

Overall, ill still jam this record. Its packed full of fast blast beats, intimidating gutturals, and super crunchy riffs. Oh, and the slams. You can’t forget the slams. A lot of people call Slithering Evisceration a death core record. This is far from it. They are great dudes who write great material and I can’t wait to hear what they put out next. 

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Architects of Warping Flesh

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