Walkways - Bleed Out, Heal Out

Band: Walkways

Album/EP: Bleed Out, Heal Out

Genre: Metal, post-hardcore

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

FFO: Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Killswitch Engage

Coming in at 14 tracks is the second album, Bleed Out, Heal Out, by Walkways out of Israel. What caught my ear is that they remind me of a more calm version of Opeth. The riffs are more simple than prog metal, but the vocals hold a lot of power and attention. The album made me want to do some digging and I came cross their 2015 performance at Wacken Open Air. I was blown away by their live performance and the energy that surrounds them.

Bleed Out, Heal Out blends clean vocals and screams together just enough so that you have that mix of angel/demon. You can really hear this on “Half the Man I Am.” This track also has some more melodic screams that make it have just a little more ethereal groove that mixes with proggy drums. The album seems to deal with some internal struggle themes, healing, and letting go.

You’re definitely going to replay this album and look these guys up once your hear them. I think that some of their tracks could have been a bit more heavy, but I have been listening to some more brutal stuff. It’s nice to hear some fresh, true metal that isn’t confined to different sub genres. This album is going to really stick out because it does have that flow that some bands miss when arranging tracks. Sometimes bands will alternate heavy and calm songs. Bleed Out, Heal Out works more like a wave so when you are listening to it, I think you will be surprised with how to branches out.

I listened to some older stuff from Walkways and I think that they are still making their names and challenging themselves in terms of sound. I think that we are going to hear more development come from these guys in the future.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: “Half the Man I Am”



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