Wraithborn - The Testament of the Infernal

Band : Wraithborn

Album/EP : The Testament of the Infernal

Genre: Blackened Death Metal/Blackened Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Virginia

FFO : Fleshgod Apocalypse, Scepticflesh, Vader

For being a debut record, im actually impressed by how well produced this is. you can definitely hear the black metal influence in the tracks. A lot of black metal has a raw, almost gritty sound in the tones. The vocals of most black metal has a higher scream to them. There is also a symphonic aspect, which adds to the overall vibe of black metal. Wraithborn captures all of that, pretty damn well too. One thing that stands out to me, its how two dudes can create such a massive sounding album by themselves. They sound like they have been doing this for years. The mix is outstanding as well. No single instrument outshines another. The symphonic back tracks are just loud enough to add an Erie element to this wonderful listening experience.  

I dont think there is any set structure to the songs. You know, like no chorus or verse. I feel like if there was, it would take away from the listening experience. I also feel like not having a set structure makes everything flow much easier. Sometimes having to repeat the chorus, gets kind of, well, repetitive. These guys make everything work, damn near flawlessly. There is most definitely a narrative. “ The Testament of the Infernal follows the life of Bastien Moreau, a French farm boy whose mother died during his birth, who is tormented relentlessly by his father. One night, he escapes his father's torture and runs into the woods. While in hiding, he discovers a book of black magic from another reality. He returns home with his new skillset and murders his father. However, when he does so, the book latches onto his soul and begins to make him rot away over the following years. The Testament of the Infernal tells the story of Bastien as he tries to free himself of his curse, and the many tribulations he faces along the way ”. 

Ive had this album in my daily list for the past week. Its has aspects of a lot of genres that I enjoy. The lyrics obviously reflect on the narrative I mentioned earlier. It seems like some tracks are written from Bastien’s perspective, and others from an outside point of view. Which, if im correct, is a very nice touch on the story. My favorite part is definitely the symphonic aspect. Ive really been digging Septicflesh as of lately, and I can most definitely hear the influence. Since this is their debut EP, theres nothing to compare to. But I also cant find anything to complain about. 

Overall, im fucking impressed. I almost never swear in my reviews, but holy shit. The symphonic aspect is such a perfect touch. Its a massive sounding album, with a really in depth story. That is something I can and will back forever. If you are a fan of detailed stories, accompanied by massive guitar riffs and black metal vocals, The Testament of the Infernal is the perfect album for you. I cant wait to hear the next chapter in this intense saga. 

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Voice of The Red Book





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