Wurm Flesh - Excoriation Evisceration

Band: Wurm Flesh

Album/EP: Excoriation Evisceration

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label: Comatose Music

Location: Sacramento, California

FFO: Pathology, Visceral Disgorge, Disavowed

The production of this record is on level with most brutal death metal bands. I really like how you can hear the bass in the background. The mix isn’t to bad either. Nothing is too loud or too soft. You can really hear all elements of the band. The shining element, to me, is how well you can hear the bass. That’s something I’m a fan of. Even if it’s for just a couple seconds here and there.

The song structures flow pretty well. They are fast and super relentless. I’m not sure of the actual lyrics. Their lyrics typically have to do with morbidity, gore and death. So I can’t imagine this record will be too far off of that.

As for replay value, that’s where I’m a little torn. I love the instruments. But the vocals slightly turn me off, at least at first listen. In all honestly, I probably will be playing this a bit. The vocals do fit the music written, so I can’t deny that. Sometimes you are in the mood for that style of vocals. I couldn’t find anything to compare it to. So I can only assume this is their first official release. I would love to see the vocalist perfect his craft a little more. I’d like to hear some slams, but that is also what sets them kind of apart. There aren’t many slams.

Overall, this band has potential, they really do. They have fast groovy riffs, some noodley bass parts, and some techy drum parts. Like I said, I just hope the vocalist works on his technique a bit. Then I’m sure they will be unstoppable.

Star Rating: 8.5:10

Strongest Song: Morale Crusher

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