Yatra - Death Ritual

Band : Yatra

Album/EP : Death Ritual

Genre: Doom Metal

Label : Grimoire Records

Location : Maryland

FFO : In The Company of Serpents, Mastodon, Sleep

The only time I've ever heard any doom metal, has been any of the past reviews. So this is still a genre I am not familiar with. Approaching this record, I've never heard of Yatra. The production on this record is very ominous. Its dark and evil sounding. The shining element for this release, is how they paint the visual in the listeners mind. The mix is a little off though. The vocals and guitar could be mixed just a tad bit higher. But from what I have noticed, this is also a Doom record, and this fits perfectly with that genre.

The song structures are super simple. I didn’t notice many chorus/verse arrangements, there were a couple though. Even though the songs were simplistically written, the flow very well. They are easy on the ears, and like I said before, they paint a dark and evil visual in the listeners mind. Dana Helmuth’s lyrics draw inspiration from things such as the fantasy writings of Tolkien, to old school pagan rituals. 

Even though I'm not huge into Doom metal, I can see myself jamming this once in a while. It definitely will be a good record to jam while driving a long distance, and I want something a little slower to listen to. My favorite part is how well everything blends together. The drums are setting the tone, while the bass and guitar add to the ritualistic vibe. The vocals are on a level of their own. My least favorite part is the mix. I am just way to used to more mixed/mastered music. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed this. Very much. It is also their debut record, so there is a lot of room for them to grow. 

Overall, this is a super solid record. Just because you aren’t used to something, doesn’t mean you can enjoy it. I definitely am getting used to more doom metal. I look forward to hearing more from this group. If you are a fan of slow and evil metal, that is sure to make you feel like you’re part of a cult ritual, then ‘Death Ritual’ by Yatra is definitely the record for you.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Snakes in The Temple



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